IEC/UL 60950-1 Application Guideline 1.1-1

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Due to the convergence of ITE and consumer electronics, some multi-media products submitted for UL certification can fall under the scope of either UL's IEC 60950-based standard, UL 60950-1, or UL's IEC 60065- based standard, UL 60065. Likewise, due to this convergence, multimedia components and subassemblies certified to one standard are being incorporated into, or used with equipment certified to the other.

What are the UL certification guidelines when determining the appropriate UL Standard for multimedia equipment, and when considering the suitability of multi-media components and sub-assemblies evaluated to one UL Standard and incorporated into another?


When a multimedia type product is submitted for UL certification, selection of the appropriate standard is based on the following general criteria:
  1. standard typically being used internationally for investigation of the product under the IECEE CB Scheme;
  2. base standard to which the product was designed to comply; and
  3. standard that the manufacturer requests for the investigation.

The standard to be used for the safety certification investigation generally will surface after consideration of all three of the factors outlined above. This may result in similar products being covered by more than one standard and under more than one category. For example, PC audio speakers, cable modems and DVD players have been certified under both the UL product categories for Information Technology Equipment (NWGQ) and Audio and Video Equipment (AZUJ).

An important caveat is that for some constructions the base standard clearly may not contain requirements to address a particular hazard and there will be a need to apply supplemental requirements from the other standard, e.g., UL 60065 loading requirements for audio outputs.

Regarding components and sub-assemblies, as a general guideline UL will accept components and sub-assemblies certified to UL 60065 in, or with the ITE end product without additional component evaluation to UL 60950-1 unless a Component National Difference in UL 60950-1 prevents such acceptance.

Similar considerations may be valid when considering the applicability of the scope of UL 60950-1 to equipment traditionally covered by other UL Standards, e.g., UL 775, Graphics Arts Equipment.


Many types of multimedia equipment - products that combine data, audio, video, and telephony functions, or some combination thereof are no longer obviously either ITE or audio-video equipment. Often they appear to fit under the scope of either IEC 60950-1 or IEC 60065. However, it generally is accepted that products falling under the scope of, and certified to either IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 and their U.S. counterparts, UL 60950-1 and UL 60065, respectively, have similar levels of safety. In most cases it is not considered appropriate to indicate that a product properly evaluated and certified to one IEC or UL safety standard is safer than a product properly evaluated and certified to another IEC or UL safety standard.

Of the three considerations provided above that are factored into any decision to use one UL standard over another, the key consideration is identification of which standard is being used under the IECEE CB Scheme. Generally, it is UL's position that it is not appropriate to require one UL IEC-based standard for UL Certification and another UL IEC-based standard for the CB Scheme. Technically, this would require a manufacturer to design a multi-media product to two safety standards.

Likewise, generally, and for the same reasons specified above it is not appropriate to require additional evaluation of a UL 60065 component or sub-assembly when incorporated in, or used with equipment evaluated and certified to UL 60950-1.

This Guideline reflects the formal UL policy statement previously documented in the Subject 1950 Bulletin dated June 10, 1998 (Agenda Item 7), which was the IAC Meeting Report for the April 1998 IAC.

It also is consistent with IEC Guide 112, Guide on Safety of Multimedia Equipment.


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    Interpretation Systems:
    • IEC TC 108 Interpretation Sheet (CAP):    Q21
    • CENELEC OSM Decision Sheet (CCA):    1.1 (02/5)

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